Dice Magazine Issue 26
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Dice Magazine
Dice Magazine Issue 26
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Issue 26 is here and my god what a job we had getting it out on time! Hopefully this story will explain a little bit of the troubles we went through for you people! Stringfellow Hawke is a test pilot for ‘Airwolf’, an advanced supersonic helicopter with stealth capabilities and a formidable arsenal. Airwolf was built by the ‘FIRM’, a division of the CIA. But it gets stolen by its twisted creator, Doctor Charles Henry Moffet, aka, Archangel. This is a right shitty situation. The deputy director of the ‘FIRM’ asked Hawke to go to Libya and get it back. After finding himself stripped of ‘FIRM’ support and discovering that his pilot-episode love-interest Gabrielle is undercover in Libya, Hawke, with Santini's assistance, finds Airwolf and recovers it. But Hawke chooses not to return it. Instead, Hawke and Santini hide Airwolf, booby trapped, in an extinct volcano (the Lair) in the remote ‘Valley of the Gods’ (visually modeled on Monument Valley). Hawke refuses to return Airwolf until the ‘FIRM’ can recover his brother, St. John, who has been missing in action since Vietnam. To get access to Airwolf, Archangel offers Hawke protection from other government agencies who will try to recover Airwolf in exchange for flying missions of national importance for the Firm! Basically it’s a bullshit situation and Hawke has been well and truly ‘shafted’ but at least Issue 26 is out on time and it looks fantastic! The Cover was done by Nick at Tugboat Studios and our mate Joe Davis got to grace the cover!


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